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Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services
Cloud computing represents a convergence of several IT drivers and offers cost-effective solutions to key business demands. For example, clouds provide businesses with the agility required to move quickly in highly competitive business environments. This allows organisations to activate and retire resources as needed, dynamically update infrastructure elements, and move workloads to improve efficiency without having to worry about creating new infrastructures for each new application.

Organisations want to take advantage of several cost benefits provided by cloud computing. These include the price/performance offered by readily-available, commodity servers, the ability to mitigate skyrocketing data centre development and operational costs and utilising a shared infrastructure rather than creating new platforms on an application-by-application basis.

Fully Managed, Simplified IT Operations
The RedNube cloud platform creates a production ready, secure and seamlessly managed cloud infrastructure. With a full range of managed cloud services and enterprise hosted application options, our platform can significantly reduce your organisation's IT management costs.


Hosting and Hybrid Hosting IT Platforms
RedNube provide Cloud Hosting solutions for all your computing needs. The Cloud offering is easily deployed and is provided on a pay-as-you-go utility based model to allow complete flexibility. RedNube's dedicated Hosting delivers the perfect solution for companies wishing to maintain control over their hosting environments.
As requirements can rapidly fluctuate, RedNube also provide a Hybrid Hosting platform that addresses your computing requirements without the hardware overheads of excess server space, or the limitations from lack of bandwidth. This enables your business to cater for unpredictable and seasonal traffic.

Ease of use and anywhere, anytime online access
Customisable cloud computing solutions to complex IT demands
Superior customer service and support
High reliability with unparalleled Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Multi-prong enterprise level cloud computing security
Usage-based billing
Fully PCI compliant


PCI Compliance

Utility Computing


Infrastructure Recycling

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