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Infrastructure Recycle Programme

The foundation of RedNube's innovative approach is its disruptive analytics engine, based on a database with over 5 million records and 50 million present day and historical data points, allowing users to gauge real-time supply/demand curves, predictive value analytics for an asset's life cycle, real-time buyer/seller auto-matchmaking, and overall statistical analysis for maximising residual values.

Our Value Proposition to Equipment Sellers
Free Fair market Network Equipment Valuation
Maximised ROI Through Our Online Broker Network
Excellent Capitalisation
Long History of Satisfied Clients

Our Value Proposition to Equipment Buyers
Large Inventory
30 Day Warranty
Flexible Payment Options
Long History of Satisfied Client Buyers

Displaced IT Asset Remarketing and Re-Use
Displaced Green and Landfill Policy
IT Asset Recycling

Online Services:
Global Map Panel
Asset Management Disposal Panel
Investment Recovery and Finance Panel
Certificate and Data Destruction Monitoring Panel
Disposition Monitoring Panel
Asset Tracking by Region
Wholesale Auction


PCI Compliance

Utility Computing


Infrastructure Recycling

Wholesale Aution