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FAQs Infrastructure Recycling Program

Residual Value Forecasting
Residual Value forecasting has always been very tricky when dealing with IT assets. Residual Value forecasts could make the difference between winning the deal and losing it. Our intent is to provide a reliable and accurate method for our end-user/finance clients to forecast Residual Values when writing leases for Cisco network equipment giving them the competitive edge they need to win more deals.

Fair Market Valuations
Without having a reliable and scientific methodology in determining Fair Market Valuations (FMV) for lease expired assets, end users often are at a disadvantage when negotiating FMV buyouts with their lessors. Our intent is to provide a Fair Market Valuation tool allowing our clients to quickly estimate current valuations, market analytics, and overall liquidity in the secondary market; solving the awkward problems that arise from FMV lease buyouts.

Cisco TMP/TAP Alternative
Maximising residual values for clients increases the overall purchasing power that a client has when upgrading their network infrastructure. It is our desire to provide Cisco channel partners with a quick and efficient solution when their clients' desire to maximise the residual value of displaced IT assets during network upgrades. Our methodology allows Cisco channel partners to take a passive role as to not violate their Master Partner Agreement. Our service provides for a quick, easy, and efficient alternative to the Cisco TMP/TAP programs.

Maximising IT Budgets
As corporations look towards cost cutting while maintaining internal and external quality of service (QoS), often IT budgets are among the first that are cut while high expectations of quality of service is maintained by internal users and external stakeholders. CIO's are put in a stressful position of having to stretch their budget to meet all these demands. It is our intent to further assist CIO's in stretching their IT budgets by maximising the residual value of their assets. Through our superior market intelligence and turn-key asset disposition strategies we achieve a far superior result. Under a consignment/remarketing contract, Ampito Group handles all aspects of IT asset disposition or assists, in various levels, corporate IT Asset Managers (ITAM) in finding market and selling asset in an orderly fashion while maintaining price integrity.

Risk Management
IT asset depreciation occurs in the market place and does not normally follow accounting methods of depreciation. CFO's and CIO's can utilise a real-time application to manage assets by comparing market values to book values. By identifying an assets deteriorating value versus booked value, CIO's can have a clearer idea of whether it is cost effective to maintain the asset in the network or to upgrade. A new dimension of risk analysis can be utilised when organisations budget for IT expenditures. Our intent is to enhance overall risk mitigation and risk management for our large corporate clients when evaluating network upgrades.

Appraisal Services
Various clients are in need of quick market valuations of their assets in place for a variety of reasons such as year end accounting purposes, write offs, adjustments, and potential mergers/acquisitions. Other reasons may include legal proceedings, third party audits for regulatory compliance, and general knowledge by executives, directors, and shareholders. It is our intent to provide for a scientifically sound analysis of asset values for our clients.


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